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If a vendor makes the same website for all 75 dealers with the same brand, they are essentially the same website shell filled with different colors and dealership names.  Google, Bing and Yahoo look at these sites as re-purposed content and most often penalize them. A penalized site will perform significantly less in the organic ranking.  We measure the existing performance for organic SEO and can tell you where you sit in reference to others competitors in you market.  We will also show you an outstanding example and what we do to help a dealer get there.  You deserve to have your website seen much like a billboard on the superhighway that everyone drives by in your area.

CUSTOM EMAIL TEMPLATES, AND MORE… Car Game On’s creative team will develop custom email templates for your needs.  We know that dealers have unique marketing needs, and we are prepared to help you get your message out.  Our graphics department is set up to create custom email campaigns to go mail from your CRM or another tool of your choice.  These templates will match the Gar Game On template styles so as to not confuse the prospect database.  The templates can be configured to go out to the dealerships entire customer data base or a select group of prospects with a unique marketing message.  Templates can be developed to support Service, Parts, Sales or a specific promotion.  Reach out to us and ask us to  help with a campaign, or just a onetime project.  Car Game On understands the customer and the dealership needs.


 Car Game On has a relationship with the industries best SEO provider.  We can have your dealership market analysis show where your dealership fits currently with the most common key phrases and keywords used by consumers.  The search phrases support people looking for new vehicles, used vehicles, pre-owned vehicles, certified vehicles and service phrases.  All the key words are associated with your brand and are Geo based.  We use Geo targeted base phrases because search engines are structured to identify the market area of interest from the consumers location.   All of the key words are optimized and focused on long tail searches and are more transactional.  More than 84% of the automotive consumers use the search function for their information and 80% of all searches are on Google. We cover, virtually, all search engine activity.  Long tail searches are more  likely to result in additional car sales and service business.  An example:  Honda vs. search for Honda CRV transmission repair in Livermore, CA.  The first search may look for a Honda motorcycle or lawnmower while the second is specific to the dealerships service and location.  This is not a PPC (Pay Per Click campaign).  This is strictly based on organic search and organic placements.  While PPC might make sense for some clients, only 5% of the searches ever click on the ads associated with PPC.  Most consumers don’t believe they are relevant.  With  PPC the dealer has to pay for each click even if they didn’t go further than your home page.  Our activities focus for the dealerships organic placement and have the highest yield.

REPUTATION MANAGEMENT Today’s consumer has learned to use the web to complain anonymously and get back at a dealership when there has been less than a stellar experience.  We know about 20% of the consumers today like to complain and look at the negative side of things. That is not exclusive to the auto industry,  it is seen in all industries.  The glass is three quarters empty instead of being a quarter full.  The consumers are the first ones to file a complaint or visit a review site to share their bad experiences with the world.  Our partner has found out how to get the 80% of the customers that like you to go to the sites and say great things about you.  We make it easy for the dealership to manage it’s on-line reputation, virtually anything that is said about them on-line is collected in our back end tool.  We provide proprietary tools and train all Customer Facing Staff on how to get the positive reviews.  Our Back end tool not only collects everything said about you, it allows you to get a pulse on what is happening at the dealership.  This backend tool will give credit to the sales/service staff that receives great feedback from customers while you can easily identify the ones that may be challenged with positive reviews.  Virtually, everything is tracked including review sites, Twitter, Facebook, complaint sites and more.  They gather all of this and have a full time person helping the dealership manage a stellar online reputation.  The first dealerships that take advantage of this service in a market often dominates the others and gains more market share.  Ask us for a demonstration and talk to some of our many satisfied clients.

Business Website Package

Ideal solution for the small business or start-up that needs online presence with easy updatability. Quick site-build time and ready for conversion to start earning you money. Fast, flexible, reliable and expandable, the Business Website Package is ready for your small business.

Personal Branding Website

Stand out from the crowd with “yourname.com” website and “you@yourname.com” email.

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