People selling cars at the dealership should focus on what makes them and the dealership the most money

Most people selling cars at a dealership are not writers and may not be the best people to proof read emails.

Two reasons:

  1. Sales people at the dealership are trained to sell. What they write in an e-mail may be a sales pitch, but may not have the correct flair–what works on the showroom floor usually doesn’t work the same in an email.
  2. Sales people are not chosen for their gift of writing, they are selected for their “gift of gab.”

Some clients are very unforgiving and will be turned off if the emails are not written properly. We write emails that are reviewed and reviewed for accurate spelling, language rules and with respect for all cultures. Additionally, we rely on a tremendous amount of psychology, in the sales process, in order to build trust and have the customer to engage with you. Car Game On Templates have been tried and tested. They are up to date with the latest consumer trends and will adapt as buying habits change. If you have a salesperson who is a great writer–more power to you; if not let us make the emails for you and watch the magic happen.

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