Email Templates


When it comes to our email templates, think in terms of marketing and making sure you stand out from your competition.  You don’t have a second chance for a good first impression that’s why using professionally tailored and tested templates make sense. 

In addition to looking professional, our templates use psychological elements to grab the consumers attention so you get the most out of every lead.  The templates are like having additional staff members reaching out to prospects with the right message while your internet sales staff are delivering vehicles to others.

Our templates keep your brand name and products in front of the customer.  The average new car lead takes 90 days to mature; some leads take up to two years to complete the purchase.  The templates are designed to keep your product and dealership in the forefront of the consumer’s mind until they are ready to complete their purchase.  Following up indefinitely on the internet leads with the right message will add at least a 7% increase to your closing ratios.

  1. Have the salespeople focus on what they do best-sell!
  2. Follow up for ever! Read More
  3. You will never have a second chance to make a great first impression! Read More
  4. Templates have a call to action built in to get the customer involved. Read More
  5. Templates follow a proven process to get higher Profits. Read More
  6. Support a process that will work best with the OEM, dealership and customer (an all win scenario). Read More
  7. People selling cars at the dealership should focus on what makes them and the dealership the most money … That’s selling cars not making templates. Read More