Dealership Consulting and Training


The core team at Car Game On is experienced at helping dealers weed through the clutter. We have been training dealerships virtually since the internet started. We understand the dynamics of the website and just how many leads for sales and service you should yield from your website. We help dealers understand how to yield more results from their website by analyzing the content and structure and by measuring the overall performance. We have been successful getting dealerships to double the number of leads they realize from their current marketing.

Internet sales have come down to a science.  To succeed, a dealership must adopt a process that is good for the dealer, the OEM and the customer.  Our methods can help a dealership realize success with 20 to 23% of all their internet leads and do it with an average gross profit equal to, or more than, the profits made from their walk ins. Many factors go into yielding a high closing ratio and doing it profitably.  Our team works with a dealership over the course of a year; it’s not just a onetime shot.  We consult with the dealership management team and the internet staff.  We use your CRM and provide techniques that make the job of the internet staff easier and less stressful.  We believe in working smart– not hard.  We understand the formulas, so, the dealer can stop guessing.  We put the fun back into selling- not giving vehicles away because other dealers in your market do.  We put the Car Game On!  Ask us for a demonstration; the return is awesome.

Our consulting division also has a BDC consulting team.  With the number of calls coming into a dealership daily, there are typically many lost opportunities.  For every 100 calls coming into a dealership, we know that typically 65% of the calls are related to service and parts.  48% of those calls should result in an appointment and there should have an 85% show rate.  The average RO is $276 with a net to the dealership of $150. So, for every 100 calls a dealership should net $3,990.  Five percent of the calls are miscellaneous calls (“I did not get my floor mats”) or (“my license plates did not get sent to me”), while 30% of them are for a new or used vehicle.  On average, dealers close 31% of the phone leads for a new or used vehicle.

A great dealership can exceed those numbers.  We ensure that things are in place with the proper processes and scripts along with our successful marketing templates and letters.  This is a cost effective solution to handling all incoming and outgoing calls.  Dealers deserve to maintain their share of the leads they generate.