Q & A

  Do I have to use another CRM?

No! We work with ALL CRMS. There is no need to change anything.

  Do I have to install the templates myself?

No! We do all the work and install them for you. If you wish, we can give them to you and teach you how to install the files yourselves. However, you already have    enough to do to sell cars, why bother!

Can I edit the emails?

Yes you can, however because we know customizing the emails may lessen the effects we urge you to leave it to our experts as the utmost desired effects are built into each email to maximize the results.

Note that 7% of how we communicate is by words written or by email.  38% is by your tone on the telephone and the remaining is 55% is your use of body language.

We use the emails to engage the customer, you use the phone to get them in house and do what you do best when they arrive.  Saying the wrong words at the wrong time will diminish results.