Consumer Behavior


CNW marketing is great at analyzing consumer behavior and helping us stay ahead of the trends.  The following chart shows us the pattern of when a consumer starts his/her car shopping and what mostly influences him/her at each point in time.  Using this tool, a dealership can adjust its marketing to catch customers where and when they want.  Notice that TV and discussions with friends is a predominate motivating influence at 6 months before the purchase.  Third party leads is strong at 2 and 3 months prior to pulling the trigger and newspaper is very strong at 2 weeks prior to the average purchase.

This chart also points out that the online shopping process will get you customers much earlier in the buying process.  Since we know the average lead takes 90 days to mature, a dealership needs to employ a stellar follow up process and carry it out for a longer period on time.  Ten years ago a consumer would visit 6.7 dealerships before making a purchase. Now, that number is 2.1.  Decisions as to who to buy from and where to buy are influenced on line.  With CARGameOn’s outstanding follow up game plan your dealership will increase sales without spending additional money on leads, leaving other dealers in the dust.

  • The slide below shows how many vehicles the customer is considering at the stages of their decision making process.
  • Often times at the dealership we assume if the person has inquired about a Honda that they are shopping you against other Honda dealerships when in fact you are being compared to other brands.
  • It is important for your dealership to support why buy here principles as well as why our brand may be better than others.
  • Combining this information with Car Game On winning series of emails and a powerful never ending email campaign you will increase sales.

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Automotive Consulting Stats You Need to Know

  • 32% of consumers drove 30 miles or more to a dealership that had a better process not necessarily the best price
  • Average response time nationally is 5.4 hours
  • 31% of the leads to a dealership went unanswered
  • 45% of the prospects bought a different brand due to a poor dealer process
  • Of the ones that bought 23 % bought from the same dealer
  • 36% bought another brand
  • 41% bought used

When they bought…

  • 24% within 10 days
  •  11% within 11-20 days
  •  8% within 21-30 days
  •  15% within 31-60 days
  •  10% within 61-90 days
  •  32% bought in 91 days and beyond

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