About Us

Our Philosophy

To always do our best in providing each and every client with unique, empowering services to help them increase their sales and revenues by using tried and tested methods backed by dedication, education, experience and anchored in wisdom.

Management Team

Dennis Colome
Dennis has over 35 years of retail and consulting experience in the automotive industry. He has owned a dealership, been Vice President of several leading automotive service providers with positions at Autobytel Inc., Half a Car Group, Reynolds & Reynolds and eXteresAUTO.

He is an expert on training dealerships and is a leading Search Asset Management (SAM) expert. He is a pioneer who has helped auto retailers amend their businesses to meet the needs of the ever-evolving Internet customer.

Arthur J Tassinello
Arthur has more than 40 years business experience in several industries, including selling autos. As described by others, Arthur is a managerial and organizational genius with strong intellect and determination. His confidence and the ability to move the needle quickly as well as to handle large and multiple projects are without question. He has a rare gift of achieving outstanding results in all that he does with consideration and compassion for all parties.

Arthur is the author of “Quantum Shift into Greatness” written in 2009. The book reveals the many ways we can improve our personal lives as well the lives of others regardless of our beliefs, race, creed, color, history or geography. Arthur states that each of us has an opportunity to stand up for doing the “right” things, to be ethical and live our lives with integrity everyday and he shows us the many ways of how to live a happy peaceful life by providing value to others. As Einstein said, “Don’t try to be a person of success, try to be a person of value.”

John B Wislar
John honed his formidable leadership skills, as young man, by captaining a sailboat from San Francisco Bay, down through the Panama Canal to the Caribbean Ocean, around the Florida Keys and eventually to The North Atlantic Ocean to his final destination at his boyhood summer home port in Maine.

As an entrepreneurial businessman, John has successfully launched and skippered several start-up businesses including an Investment Counseling and Financial Services organization where he served as chief technical analyst. He established a Consumer Home-Repairs and Installation Services business and also is founder of a unique, “Farm–to–Table” organic vegetable growing and distributing partnership in Southern California. John has also been a pioneer Internet and Web Services designer, builder and SEO consultant to small and medium sized businesses throughout the US.

John’s diversified skills, accomplishments and experience have formidably equipped him to consistently and smoothly conquer the treacherous, and ever-changing challenges of business today.